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Sites :

  • About Animals/Wildlife - Brief articles and extensive links.
  • BBC - Nature - Information about animals and the natural world. Includes facts and images for hundreds of species, videos, and games.
  • eWildlife - Resource that attempts to deliver community and commerce features oriented toward those interested in wildlife. Many links.
  • International Field Guides - Extensive listing of field guides for plants and animals from regions outside of North America.
  • JungleWalk - Collection of links to thousands of animal multimedia sites, organized by common name or by taxonomic group.
  • Nature.Net - Forums on bird watching, butterflies, herps, and miscellaneous outdoor activities.
  • Suite101: Wildlife - Articles on various topics related to wildlife conservation.
  • Wildlife Archives - Archiving wildlife for all. Organize and share wildlife pictures you like easily.
  • Wildlife News - Great News Network - Reports positive news concerning wildlife, species recovery, and habitat protection.
  • Wildlife Webcams - Live images from wildlife webcams in the Pilansburg National Park in South Africa and Blackwater Refuge in Maryland, USA. Also animal guides, message boards, quizzes, and chat.


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