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  • Aboriginal Living Skills School - Cody Lundin teaches primitive and modern wilderness living and survival skills in desert and mountain regions.
  • Alba Wilderness School - Courses in wilderness survival including traditional skills, camp-craft, tracking, nature lore, and winter camping.
  • Alderleaf Wilderness College - Offers courses and information on wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, edible/medicinal plants, and other outdoor skills. College-level programs, weekend classes, and online articles.
  • Ancient Pathways - Offers experience-based courses in wilderness skills, mammal tracking, and primitive technology. Includes details, photos, links and contact information. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • Ancient Technology Centre - The purpose of the centre is to stimulate, through practical activities, a lively interest in the past, in the development of technology, and in the natural environment.
  • Aunt Scarey Survival Fitness Guides - Wilderness survival training in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Includes survival tips, fee schedule, and contact information.
  • Backwoods Survival School - Teaches basic and advanced courses, including skills such as identifying edible plants, shelter building, obtaining water, fire-making, and other survival techniques. Based near Glasgow in Scotland.
  • Basecamp W.E.S.T. - Conducts survival and wilderness education courses for professional organizations, community groups, and outdoor enthusiasts. Includes a profile of the founder and a class overview. Based in southwestern New Mexico.
  • Bearclaw Bushcraft - Offers bushcraft and wilderness survival courses, including skills such as fire-making, shelter building, and water procurement. Also sells survival clothing and gear.
  • Bison Bushcraft - Teaches bushcraft and wilderness skills, including fire-making, tracking, shelter construction, and nature awareness. Also sells wilderness survival products.
  • Boreal Wilderness Institute - Instruction in summer and winter wilderness survival, aviation survival, land navigation, and wilderness leadership. Course descriptions and registration form provided.
  • Boulder Outdoor Survival School - One-day to 28-day courses teach primitive living and wilderness skills, low technology camping, and desert hiking techniques. Includes course descriptions, schedule, and registration information.
  • Cambrian School of Survival - Survival school in mid-west Wales offering survival and wilderness skills for global use.
  • Camp Tonkawa - Providing outdoor nature awareness, tracking, survival and wilderness skills for children and adults in 35-acre nature center. Includes course details, class schedules, registration form and medical release agreement. Located in Highland Village, Texas.
  • Cedar Creek Nature Studies - Dedicated to teaching the art of primitive skills, wild edible and medicinal plants, bamboo flute making, and soap making.
  • Deep Wilds Wilderness School - A learning community dedicated to exploring ways of living on the Earth that honor the natural world we live in.
  • Earth Connection Wilderness School - Primitive skills school dedicated to helping people of all ages rediscover their connection to nature.
  • Earth School - Offers programs on wilderness survival and nature awareness training which encompass learning about wild edible and medicinal plants, fire-making, animal tracking, flint-knapping, hide-tanning, and nature crafts.
  • Earthwalk Northwest - Courses in primitive living, including bow making, fire making, wild edibles, nature awareness, and flint knapping. Provides course descriptions and pricing.
  • Earthways: School of Wilderness Living - Canoe the northern wilderness with registered Maine guides. Learn Grandfather's wilderness skills and philosophy. Earthways offers courses in the methods and philosophies of an Elder.
  • First Earth Wilderness School, LLC - Offers programs and workshops in survival skills and nature studies. Located in Missouri.
  • Greg Davenport - Author and media personality offers books, courses and resources.
  • Hawk Circle Wilderness Programs - Workshops, summer camps, instructor training, and expeditions focused on wilderness skills and community building. Provides schedule and pricing.
  • Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School - Primitive living skills and contemporary lifestyles. Primitive skills schools and classes across North America.
  • Hoods Woods - Wilderness survival instruction, information and instructional videos for outdoor enthusiasts
  • ICA Rite of Passage Journeys - Includes course descriptions, calendar, staff page, articles, weekend programs and contact information. Located in Bothell, Washington.
  • Jack Mountain Bushcraft & Guide Service - Registered Maine guide offers courses in wilderness living and survival, traditionally outfitted and guided canoe and snowshoe trips, and the Earth Skills Semester Program. Includes schedule, FAQs, newsletter, articles about gear, links, location and contact details.
  • Karamat Wilderness Ways - Teaches wilderness skills and survival courses, including snow survival, firemaking, navigation, signaling, cordage, and shelter making. Course calendar and rates included.
  • Lifesong Wilderness Adventures - Offers wilderness survival, nature awareness, and primitive skills courses for children, teens, and adults in the Mt. Shasta Area of California.
  • Lifeways Earth Living School - Teaches primitive skills and wilderness living. Also provides seminars in spiritual awakening and healing. Class schedule and registration form provided.
  • Maine Primitive Skills School - Learn skills in tracking, scouting, tool making, foraging, and native awareness at this school based in Augusta, Maine.
  • Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors - Provides resident outdoor/environmental education for school-age children. Its Environmental Learning Center serves all age groups with field trips, outreach programs, and special events. Located in north central Ohio.
  • Mountain Shepherd Outdoors Survival Courses - Located near Richmond, VA, courses are taught by Byron Kerns, a former USAF Survival Instructor. Basic and advanced survival courses, Boy Scout survival courses, private pilot survival courses, and family wilderness courses are provided.
  • Native Way Wilderness School - Teaches survival courses, including fire making, food and water procurement, and shelter construction. Includes calendar of events and application. Located in Alexander, Arkansas.
  • Natural Awareness Tracking School, LLC - Teaches courses in animal tracking and land navigation. Also teaches human tracking for search and rescue. Includes class list and contact information.
  • Natural Pathways - Dedicated to the teaching of primitive and modern survival skills. Includes list of courses offered, dates and prices, notice board and contact details. Located in Canterbury, UK.
  • A Naturalist's World - Classes include tracking, carnivore ecology, wildlife observation, rare species, northern lights, and winter ecology.
  • Nature Awareness School - Specializing in survival skills, personal awareness, spiritual retreats, vision quests, tracking, stalking, camouflage, primitive tools and weapons, fire making, and edible plants. Includes schedule, course descriptions, tuition and application information, application form and staff profiles. Located in Lyndhurst, Virginia.
  • Nature Knowledge - Teaching wilderness survival skills and confidence to every-day people for more than 25 years.
  • Ndakinna Wilderness Project. - Offering educational wilderness adventures to people of all ages who wish to truly experience and learn more about the natural world.
  • Northern Sun Tours, Ltd. - Offers a variety of educational programs in outdoor pursuits from open canoeing to telemark skiing to safety courses in river rescues, wilderness first-aid, avalanche awareness and winter survival.
  • Outdoor Safe - Information and education on outdoor safety presented by Peter Kummerfeldt. Includes seminar schedule, training courses, safety tips, videos and contact information. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Past Skills Wilderness School - An educational resource for those seeking to immerse themselves in the ancient arts of indigenous philosophy, nature awareness, and primitive survival.
  • Pathfinder Wilderness Survival and Tracking School - Wilderness survival courses in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Practical Primitive - Small group and individual instruction in all aspects of primitive, traditional and survival skills, including flintknapping, bow making, tracking, and edible and medicinal plants.
  • Randall's Adventure and Training - Jungle survival courses and expeditions. News, photos, and contact information.
  • Raven's Way Traditional School - Offers Stone Age skills and nature workshops, private and custom courses, trips, demonstrations, and school programs. Includes profiles of instructors, details, schedules and registration form. Located in Portal, Arizona.
  • South West Survival School - Variety of courses from single day mix-up to five days in the woods. History of business, map, techniques taught, courses, provisional online bookings, and terms and conditions. Located in Whitstable, Kent, England.
  • Specops LLC - US Special Forces veterans offer survival camps, scuba instruction, leadership training, support for media crews in remote locations, and other adventure travel and training.
  • Survival and Outdoor Safety - Teaches basic and advanced wilderness survival courses. Also sells personal survival kits and other survival-related items.
  • Survival and Safety School - Provides two- and three-day courses for beginners up to semi-skilled survivalists. Based in Scotland.
  • Survival in the Bush, Inc. - Providing outdoor wilderness survival training for individuals, groups, and organizations. Topics range from edible plants, canoe camping, rock climbing, and ice climbing.
  • Survival School - Offers courses for teams and individuals.
  • Teaching Drum Outdoor School - Teaches native and wilderness skills such as identifying medicinal and edible plants, firemaking, navigation, native cooking, and building shelters. Includes course descriptions and pricing.
  • Tom Brown, Jr's Tracker School - The school is based on Tom's experience of living in the wilderness and the teaching of Stalking Wolf encompassing over 20 years of his life.
  • The Tracking Project - Based in Corrales, New Mexico and founded by John Stokes. Teaches Arts of Life - traditional tracking, awareness and survival skills, music, story telling, dance, peacemaking, and martial arts training.
  • Trueways Survival School - Courses for individuals, groups, and businesses. Includes class descriptions, photo gallery, and forum. Based in the UK.
  • UK Survival School - Teaches survival skills such as animal tracking, navigation, firestarting, and natural medicines. Also provides leadership and teambuilding courses.
  • Universal Tracking Services - To provide signcutting (tracking) as a viable tool or resource for Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Military, Industrial Security, and other governmental and lawful organizations.
  • Vermont Wilderness School - Features school founded on commitment of building a powerful community of naturalists, teachers, and leaders who will help caretake the natural environment.
  • Wild Food Adventures - Provides expertise in wild edible plants through workshops, expeditions, teaching events, presentations, outdoor guiding, and outfitting anywhere in North America.
  • Wilderness Awareness School - Offers courses in wilderness survival skills, nature awareness, and the art of mentoring. Adult and youth nature classes and a home study course.
  • Wilderness Learning Center - Teaches wilderness survival classes on topics such as navigation, edible and medicinal plants, water procurement, signaling, and fire making.
  • Wilderness Outdoor Leadership Foundation - Offers environmental education focusing on science, primitive skills, wilderness first aid and adventure activities throughout the western United States and New Zealand. Includes details of courses, membership details, online shop, locations and contact information.
  • Wild-Live - Offers courses in nature awareness, tracking, and primitive survival. Located in Northern Ireland.
  • Wildside Survival School - Offers bushcraft and survival courses, including topics such as shelter building, navigation, fire building, and water procurement. Located in West Sussex, England.
  • Willow Winds - Offering primitive skills classes, workshops, demonstrations and products. Includes details of courses offered, calendar of events and map. Located in Mikado, Michigan.
  • Windwalker Outdoor Skills and Philosophy - Training and adventures in ancient physical living and survival skills and in the spiritual ways and skills that integrate with the physical. Weekend workshops, scheduled or arranged, held in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Prairie provinces.
  • Woodcraft School - Offering short and week-long courses. Includes descriptions of classes, FAQs, links and contact information. Located in West Sussex, UK.
  • Woodland Survival Crafts - Courses in bushcraft and ancient survival skills, including specialized classes in edible plants, fire-making, and winter skills.
  • Woodlore School of Bushcraft - Teaches wilderness bushcraft and ancient technology. Provides program details and contact information.
  • Woodsmoke - Teaches bushcraft and wilderness survival skills, including tracking, plant lore, nature awareness, axemanship, canoe-craft, and wilderness cookery. Based in the UK.
  • WSC Wilderness Survival School - Providing classroom and outdoors instruction in many aspects of the outdoors, emphasizing survival and its issues.


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