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  • Barnacle Busters - Includes membership information, resource list, and events calendar with both local and tropical dives. Based in Southern California.
  • Bottom Dwellers - Includes membership information, past event pictures, and events calendar. Based in Seattle, Washington.
  • Diving for Life - Annual international event held as a fund raiser for AIDS charities. Includes registration and sponsorship information.
  • The Gay and Lesbian Underwater Group (GLUG) - Features events calendar, gallery, and membership information for this scuba club based in London, England, UK.
  • Lambda Divers - Includes event list and membership information. Based in Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland area.
  • Northern California Rainbow Divers - Includes membership information and events schedule. Offers diving classes. Based in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society (SUBS) - Features an events calendar, gallery, links, and membership information for this Sydney, Australia based club for gay and lesbian scuba divers and snorkellers.
  • Triangle Divers - Includes membership information, events schedule, and gallery. Based in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Undersea Expeditions - Travel company specialising in G&L Scuba Diving. Vacations to destinations such as Roatan, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea.
  • Village Dive Club - Divers of all experience levels, based in New York City. Includes membership information, schedule, and contact information for diving classes.


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