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  • Adventure Cycling Association - Tours and resources for the touring and recreational cyclist.
  • Around the World by Bicycle with Tim and Cindie Travis - Includes a travel journal, photos of the trip, and MPEG movies.
  • Bicycle Fish - Touring information from around the world, but especially Australia, links and even recipes.
  • Bicyclelane.com - Tips on training, diet, and planning, plus road and trail wisdom, survival, recipes for camp, guided tours, and best treks.
  • Bike Touring Circa 1980 - A part of The History of Photography as told by Matthew Cole, but with a major divergence into bike touring equipment as of 1980.
  • Bikes behind the dikes - Inspiration and information for cycling in the Netherlands. Rides, hotels, maps, checklist, and contacts.
  • biketrip.org - The bike packers forum. Pictures, links, forum, articles, tips, travelogues about bicycle travels.
  • Cycling Around The World - Travelogues, tips and photographs for around the world cyclists.
  • Herneweb Cycling - Cycling weblog, photographs and discussion forum for riders and races in Europe.
  • iExplore: Mountain Biking - National Geographic's travel resource for planning and booking a mountain biking trip. Research mountain biking destinations, tips and advice, mountain biking gear, book a trip.
  • International Bicycle Touring Mailing List - For the discussion of bicycle touring and includes the following subjects: routes, touring, bicycles, camping/travel gear, and bicycle mechanics.
  • International Bicycle Travel Forum - A platform to bring traveling cyclists around the world together. Special boards for discussions about equipment, countries, health, and finding a cycling partner.
  • Iseran Col Atlas - Atlas of cycling hill climbs, many with photos. Mostly Europe, but some US coverage too.
  • Ken Kifer's Bike Pages - Dozens of articles on bicycle camping (bikepacking) and long-distance bike travel, cycling fitness and health, bicycle traffic safety, bicycling advocacy, cyclist humor, and links.
  • King of the Mountains Cycling Road Climbs - An International Guide to Paved Road Cycling Climbs and Races.
  • KiwiVelo - Training camp for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes to do pre-season training in the New Zealand summer. Trainibg, racing, English school, packages, faq's, and contacts.
  • Klent's Bike Page - Information and advice on long distance bicycle touring.
  • Mike's Mega Bicycle Links - Bike links and information on cycling, concentrating on touring information.
  • Mountain Bike Routes UK - Publishers and sellers of mountain bike tour guide packs for England, Scotland and Wales. Packs contain all the information needed to plan and complete a route.
  • MTBtour.org - A community and resource site for mountain bike tourists.
  • Tailwinds Adventure Magazine - Touring information and travellogues from around the world.
  • Tour Tales - Adventure stories written and submitted by people who tour by bicycle. Information on equipment, route finding, camping, and carrying your food and water.
  • Touring on Bikes - Descriptions of west coast, U.S.A. cycling tours, plus tours the authors have taken on the east coast and in Europe.
  • The Touring Site - An open source site focused on bicycle touring. Find information on planning, news, reviews, and advice, all written by fellow bicycle tourers. A global bicycle touring community.
  • Travel to the Horizon - Information on bicycling in all parts of the world.
  • Travel with Bicycles (Air/Rail/Other) - Provides travel tips for bringing a bicycle on an airplane, by railcar and other public transportation methods. Provided by readers of rec.bicycles.rides and other related newsgroups and mailing lists.
  • Velo Hospitality Bike Friendly Accommodation - A directory of bike-friendly accommodation. Bed and Breakfasts, inns, campgrounds, university residences, hotels and motels that welcome cyclists.
  • WebRing - Bicycle touring web ring.


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