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  • Discovering South Morocco - Camel trekking across the Draa Oasis and Morocco Desert
  • Explore the Outback Camel Safaris - Exploratory camel treks and tours into the pristine central deserts near Lake Eyre in outback Australia.
  • India Outdoors: Camel Safaris - Discover information on trips through the Thar Desert of India. Provides information on packages, desert campsites, FAQ and picture gallery.
  • Kings Creek Station - Outback Australia - Offers photos and information on a variety of tour packages in the area surrounding Alice Springs, NT Australia.
  • Movieland Animals - Offers one-hour tours through the Oasis Date Gardens in Thermal, California. Features a brief description of the attraction and information on riding safety.
  • Outback Camel Treks and Expeditions - Bushwalking treks and expeditions using pack camels in outback Australia. Includes trek and expedition summary and brief itinerary, photos, information about camels and camel links, and FAQs.


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